"Sea salt pot"

Container. Sterling silver, topaz, hand raised

"On the land and in the sea"

Set of spoons. Sterling silver, hand forged


Pillbox. Sterling silver chased with tanzanite eye

"Celtic Dragon"

Makeup box. Sterling silver chased with tsavorite and tanzanite eyes

"Pig and Mouse"

Glass container, sterling silver lid and spoon

"Coral jug"

Gilding metal (brass) oxidised, coral handle


Gilding metal (brass)


Glass container, sterling silver lid, pearl

"Three blind mice"

Sterling silver. Hand forged

"Frog and the stone"

Coffee spoon. Sterling silver and bone. Hand forged


Christening spoons detail. Sterling silver. Hand forged


Egg on chicken legs container. Sterling silver. Hand raised


Fish sauce boat. Sterling silver and amber. Hand raised and chased


Lily cup and saucer. Sterling silver. Hand raised and chased